Eves Sanders Biography:


Eves began her studies at the prestigious Falun Music Conservatoire in Sweden that specializes in Classical Music and performance.Eves received early recognition by the world celebrated soprano Birgit Nilsson who praised Eves’ talent and “glimmering tone”. Richard Cooke and Drottningholm’s Baroque Ensemble are other accomplished musicians whom Eves worked with and received encouragement from as a young soprano. Eves performed frequently as a soloist, singing not only music from the Classical and Romantic period but also contemporary operatic repertoire that was recorded by Swedish Radio in 2004.


Between 2004-2008 Eves completed her Bachelor of Music (soprano principal study) at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. At Guildhall Eves was fortunate to receive tuition by Sarah Walker, Laura Sarti, Adrian Thompson and Margaret Humphrey - Clark.

In 2011 Eves received praise from the well-established conductor Richard Cooke for her ‘dramatic’ performer qualities and was again complimented by Richard Cooke for her CD in 2012. 


Eves Recordings include:

Video recording for The Guardian Online 2011

Scenes for a contemporary opera 2012 produced by the Music Producer ‘weeksweeksweeks’ 

Promotional CD ‘Evelina’ in 2012 

Video for Scarlett Entertainment in 2016 as a Singing Chef


Eves Solo Performances includes: 

Christ Church Spitalfields 2014, 

Hoxton Hall Theatre 2015

Harrods 2015, 2016, 

St Mary le Bow 2016, All Hallows by the Tower 2019, The Royal Albert Hall 2017, The Royal Ascot 2019, Morden College 2019, The Graucho 2019, Photographic Exhibition with Performers 2019, North West Noises at The British Museum 2020


Eves currently benefits from the sponsorship from City Music Services and has been taught by the opera singer Howard Charles by whom she receives ongoing support. Fundraising events for the Suited & Booted Charity in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2020 includes some of Eves other solo performances.